All support is not equal.

All support is not equal.

Connecting the Culture Through Mentorship

The best athletes in the world have coaches, and the world of business is no different. In order to fulfill your potential, you need guidance. That guidance can come in many forms, and this month on EQ we’ve been exploring the theme of mentorship. 

When we asked our community what they’ve gained from having or being a mentor, a few common themes emerged: “Unlock self belief”, “ Test my hypothesis and assumptions”,  “How to navigate politics”, and “Gain perspective” were some of the outcomes from having a mentor.

Many mentioned that they get more joy out of mentoring others than being mentored themselves - as long as their mentees are actually willing to do the work. “Remember you have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason” was another thoughtful comment - and it goes for both mentor and mentee.

We believe strongly in the power of mentorship - it’s free and based on trust and an equal exchange of learning and growth. It embodies the spirit of “Each one teach one”. Having a mentor can be a powerful way to accelerate your career - and even to find more balance in your life overall. 

In addition to mentorship, there are other forms of professional support that might be relevant to your career as well. We summarized these in a chart to help you navigate this landscape and think about what might be relevant for you.  

What kind of professional support have you relied on and found to have the greatest impact on your career?

EQ_ Professional support.png