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EQ Highlights 004

EQ Highlights 004


07/14/2021 | Edition 004 

What's New On EQ? 

2 mins to inform & inspire you. Each week we curate top highlights from our community, including new jobs, career tips, events, and other timely and timeless topics.


New Job Matching Platform & Hiring Solutions

We've launched an exciting new platform: this is your “one-stop-shop” to find jobs with inclusive fast-growing companies across the web. Set up alerts to be the first to hear about new postings. 

You can access the job board directly from EQ.Community, and feel free to share with close friends.


What's something you have gained from having or being a mentor? 

Mentorship embodies the spirit of “Each one teach one." It's a relationship based on trust and an equal exchange of learning and growth. Here is what the EQ community has learned from mentoring others or being mentored:
"From having a mentor, I have had a safe place to go when I need help with thinking through current and next steps with my business.  It's always nice to know that I have people on my side." - Sylvia 
"Mentoring the younger generation of future leaders coming up behind us and seeing how they think gives me hope. Among them: 1) the diversity and regard for a wide range of identities, backgrounds, and lifestyles; 2) the unwillingness to subscribe to traditional corporate values that cause harm; 3) prioritization of their own wellbeing and care for the planet. Most of the Millennial and Gen Z folks I've worked with have been socially-conscious in ways far beyond what I remember of my peer group at their age, and I admire them for that." - Jesyka

Have you benefited from mentorship? Share your learnings here


🧠 Creative Thinking Tools 

This Creative Thinking Tools poster provides valuable prompts for generating ideas or exploring a new perspectives. Download it here.

 How does life at a startup compare with working at a big corporate?

"Both have challenges, it is about what's right for you and your career. Start up/scale up environments have typically provided me with a level of influence and challenge that I truly appreciate." - Rocki
"I've been a part of all three environments. And as I've grown more aware of what I value most from workplace cultures, leadership and my own personal passion for purposeful work-- I believe start-up and scale up companies would be better for me. It seems more difficult to achieve all of those things in a real, tangible way within larger billion dollar corporations." - Denise

Have you worked at both? Tell us here


What 3 qualities do you need to be an entrepreneur?

"Versatility, resilience, humility" - Rashneen

"Courtesy, Caring & Consideration" - NanaQwasy

What do you think it takes to start a business? Share here



Renada, HR Professional & EQ Moderator  

Renada has a passion for Internal Mobility and DEI within Talent Acquisition. She moderates the Career Development topic on EQ and has been posting many helpful resources for individuals and companies alike. Here are a few highlights:
Make sure to follow Renada on EQ for more helpful resources and insights.

Cassandra, Founder of Oullah

Cassandra has a degree in biochemistry and worked for UTC. Her husband is a software developer and works for Amazon. They did not want race or society to control or shape their children's education or future. So she created a learning app where kids will have fun while learning, and where they will see characters they can relate to.
Oullah is an early learning program that encourages an interest in Science, Technology, Economics, and Math all while exploring Africa and African diaspora culture. Check it out or get in touch with Cassandra for more details.


 European Championships

Earlier this week, England lost to Italy in soccer's European Championship Final on penalty kicks. Why is this relevant to the EQ Community? Read more in the community, in the US press, or in the UK press


🤯 How do you invest in your mental wealth?

Perhaps it's not a surprise that meditation is high on the list. Read about many other great ideas from the EQ community here.

  Learning to code

Andre recommended a helpful resource called Reskill Americans, a  organization affiliated with Microsoft featuring a course designed for people of color interested in entering the tech workforce. Access it here


🗓 The Reality of Working in Start-ups 

July 29th | 10 am PST (1pm EST)

Our next monthly EQ community event will take place on Thursday, July 29th. We're lining up an exciting discussion all about the ups and downs of start-up life. Register here

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