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EQ Weekly 1st Edition

EQ Weekly 1st Edition


06/22/2021 | Edition 001 

What's New On EQ? 

Welcome to the first edition of EQ Weekly.

So you don't miss a thing we created your very own digest of:

 1. 🍿Events & recordings 

2. Featured Members & Community updates 

3. Featured Job's & Resources 

It is brought to you from EQ with the purpose to Inform & inspire and share with friends!

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Happy Reading! 



 🗓 Upcoming: Post Pandemic Leadership

June 24th | 10am PST (1pm EST) 
Come and join fellow EQer's for an expert discussion on leadership in the post-pandemic era. As the rollercoaster ride we've all been on starts to slow down, we want to equip you with the insights and support you'll need to overcome any ongoing uncertainty and learn strategies and techniques that can help you emerge with strength and understanding.

Featured Members

An important part of our mission is to empower our Community members to share their expertise and lead conversations on topics that are important to them and to you. Any EQ member can moderate a Room on a chosen topic. Below we've highlighted two of our amazing Moderators and introduce the rooms they're hosting:
🪙 The EQ Crypto Currency Room | Moderated by Denzel
Denzel describes himself as a “Neophyte Data Engineer” based in NYC, and we are thrilled to have him as the official moderator for The EQ Crypto Currency Room. Denzel has shown a passion and knowledge for the subject and wants to make sure that we all share and document our learnings.
Here is a bit more about Denzel:
“While studying Data Science I accidently fell in love with Data Engineering. In its raw form data is pretty useless; when processed it is most valuable asset of the 21st century. Being able to handle and manipulate the massive floods of data at a company and then building the infrastructure so that anyone can use it at their leisure is an idea that excites me. I relate it to being a chef and we all know how good it feels to eat amazing food.”
With regards to the Crypto space, he adds:

“Even with the recent flood of mainstream attention and intense price rallies, the cryptocurrency space is still new with many pockets of untapped potential. We have seen how the internet/web combination has completely reshaped our way of life; this community being a perfect example of that. I believe that the applications built on top of blockchains will be usher in the next revolution. I look forward to seeing you in the crypto room.”

Say hello to Denzel here.
 The EQ Career Development Room | Moderated by Ranada

Ranada described herself as "a huge self-care advocate because all quality work starts from a healthy place." She thrives to give more than she takes and to pay it forward. One way she is doing just that is by moderating a new EQ Room focused on Career Development. 
Here is a bit more about Ranada:
"I have a passion for Internal Mobility and DEI within Talent Acquisition. I enjoy working within and creating Internal Mobility Talent Management Program that help bridge the Talent Acquisition, Talent Management & Learning and Development departments as associates advance through the employee lifecycle. I thrive when working in the following industries: Consumer Goods, Education, Food, Health and Fitness, Hospitality, Retail, and/or HR Services. I’m looking to secure a new Sr. Talent Acquisition role and build a stronger network of professionals with similar passions as a member."

Join her in the Career Development Room where you'll benefit from insightful discussions and valuable resources that will help you find the right career path and make the right moves.

Say hello to Ranada here


🤔  Advice to your younger self

We’ve seen a lot of great conversations in the community feed, but one post has gotten far more engagement than them all: “If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?”
With 101 responses there are too many to name, but here are some highlights:

“Listen more and better understand nuance especially in the organisation”
- Laurie (Product)

“Don't be afraid to show up as your own special brand of crazy. It's your unique value prop.”
- Rocki (Diversity & Inclusion)


“Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time and enjoy every achievement.” - Michelle (Consulting)

🏾‍♂️ Share your story

We’d love to hear from you what's the ONE thing you are working on right now, and the ONE thing you want to learn more about. Add your voice 🏾


Vice President of People 
 Hiring Company: The Mom Project
Full time
Chief Product Officer
 Hiring Company: The Mom Project
Full time


 List of NFT Platforms

NFTs and cryptocurrencies have been a hot topic on EQ. To help you navigate the playing field, we’ve compiled a crowd-sourced analysis of NFT platforms. Check out the list through the link below and add your contributions.  
You can also access our summary of the Future of Cryptocurrencies here, and join the conversation with experts in the Cryptocurrency room on EQ.
  Recording: Becoming a Successful Executive
Our first event was an inspiring fireside chat featuring four of our distinguished members. Listen to and learn from their candid stories and advice on overcoming adversity, building resilience, and key tips to becoming a successful executive 🏾.
 June EQ Playlist

Our EQ Sounds Playlist for June is filled with some greatness! Big thanks to everyone who shared songs that keep you in high spirits. Our Community’s music taste is 🏾. Enjoy the playlist with the link below, and don't miss your chance to contribute to next month's list - watch out for the call for songs from our Community Manager Nicole in the main feed.
That's all for now, folks . We'll see you on EQ to continue the discussion. And, don't forget to invite your friends to the party 🏾and let us know what you thought of this first edition by hitting reply