The EQ Report: Moving on up

Black people are at the front...

Black workers in American are over-represented in frontline occupations: the occupational categories with the highest black representation are healthcare support (24%), protective services (22%), and community/social services (20%) - which are all well above the average black representation across all jobs (12%). 

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...and there’s room at the top

At the same time, black workers are underrepresented in the most lucrative positions: representation in management is at 7% and only 5% among chief executives, or an average of 6% across the category of top executives (with white workers who make up 63% of the workforce holding 77% of top executive positions). 

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Where will the wealth be created?

Black representation in tech jobs, an area where we’ll continue to see a significant amount of growth and wealth creation, is also underrepresented (8%). Tech roles are the fastest growing category behind healthcare support over the past 10 years, with business/finance and management expanding rapidly as well. 

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We see a tremendous opportunity to hire more black talent in tech. These are the jobs of the future. Especially with the growth of remote working in the knowledge sector, geography is no longer a barrier and this increases access to opportunity for all.

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