Aug 18, 2021

Chief of Staff

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  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Full Time

✍🏾Job Description

Geller Advisors is a privately owned, SEC-registered investment advisor providing integrated strategic wealth  management services to affluent individuals, families and entities. Our suite of services includes investment  management and financial planning, CFO services and tax advisory and compliance. 

Geller Advisors is recruiting on behalf of our Family Office client, who is looking for exceptional talent to work  collaboratively in service of the family’s mission to improve lives. 

About the Client: 

The Client is a single family office supporting a multi-generational family across all areas of the family’s life from  investment management and financial planning to CFO services, Family services and philanthropy. The Client is  looking to build an exceptional team from the ground up who is the best at what they do. We keep the following  values front-and-center in our daily work.  

  • Innovation: We don’t simply live in the present. We have plans for the future and we move with purpose  to shape the future as we want to see it. If we are not on the leading-edge, we are too far behind.
  • Good Relationships: We believe in the power of good relationships. We serve each other through  kindness, respect, accountability and honesty. We are cultivating a community where everyone feels  supported and secure to do great work.  
  • Personal Growth: We believe that the source of our collective success lies in each of our individual  commitments to personal growth. Growth requires curiosity, openness to feedback, hard work, and  change. A better you is a better us. 
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Wise financial planning, disciplined spending, and clear-eyed investing are essential  to building extraordinary lives. We are not wasteful and we demand the same of those whom we work  with.  

About the Role: 

The Chief of Staff works internally at all levels of the organization to ensure that organizational, team, and individual  objectives are clearly defined, and that we are all moving in a coordinated and streamlined way toward achieving  those objectives. This role serves as a key member of the Leadership Team and is responsible for defining and  overseeing our approach to project and process management, facilitating effective cross-functional collaboration,  and managing certain high-impact, highly collaborative projects. 

In the short term, the Chief of Staff will be responsible for helping the organization achieve the below high-priority  areas.  

  • Build an incredible, effective and collaborative team: We must socialize the common purpose of the  organization and ensure that we have the best people working effectively together to achieve that purpose. 
  • Set up best-in-class systems and infrastructure: Build out our administrative systems (e.g., budget tracking,  shared-drive, technology infrastructure, etc.). These systems must be designed to promote reliability, collaboration, security and continuity; and they should enable our team to be highly productive. 
  • Execute at the highest level: Once we have the right vision and ideas, we must execute them at the highest  level.  

As the organization grows, the Chief of Staff will have to pivot from builder to a strategic partner who ensures  effective execution at scale.

This is an ideal opportunity for someone who is eager to play a key role in building something from the ground up  and is motivated by working with people and developing the systems, processes, and tools needed to grow a  sustainable and effective organization. 

Your Impact: 

The Chief of Staff will:  

  • Work closely with the leadership team to facilitate the execution of key projects and initiatives.
  • Provide strategic, analytical and project management support, and keep leadership and key stakeholders  abreast of noteworthy events, milestones and issues in their area of responsibility. 
  • Provide support and oversight to significant projects/initiatives. Organize teams and integration of all  appropriate channels in execution and delivery of projects/initiatives. This will involve actively managing  against budget, talent and timeline goals. 
  • Ensure the timely communication and flow of information among leadership and key stakeholders for  projects/initiatives. Serve as a conduit and contact point so key objectives are communicated clearly and  can be met. 
  • Oversee and execute other significant "strategic administrative" responsibilities: develop and maintain strategic calendaring process, schedule and facilitate meetings, respond as appropriate to inquiries from  various leadership groups or family members. 
  • Contribute to and oversee the development of internal communications deliverables to relay key messages  or ask for participation/execution on activities. 
  • Work with leadership and outside advisors to oversee a process from requirements-gathering to  deployment of key technology and systems that ensure a high-performing and secure environment.
  • Ensure that knowledge is captured comprehensively in real time and that it is accessible to all those who  need it.  
  • Is a culture builder and bearer who leads on important cultural initiatives that live out the organization's  mission and core values.  

What You’ll Offer: 

  • Bachelor’s degree; MBA preferred 
  • Minimum of 8+ years of experience performing an operational leadership role in a high performance  environment 
  • Experience working at a top-tier Management Consulting firm (MBB) 
  • Proven track record of leading, building and implementing standards with excellence across a range of  operational functions including Strategy, HR, and Technology 
  • Intellectual curiosity and a desire to understand and improve processes and outcomes 

What's next? 

If this sounds like you, apply today and Talent Acquisition will review your application and get in touch if there is  match. 

Geller & Company is an equal opportunities employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color,  national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, disability status, or caregiver status.