Jul 28, 2021

Head of Operations, Platform and Chief of Staff (or craft your own title )

  • EQ Member
  • Richmond, CA, USA

✍🏾Job Description

Screendoor is a new investment vehicle established to back emerging venture capital managers from underrepresented backgrounds. We seek to establish relationships early, committing up to 10% of their total raise goals (eg $1m of a $10m Fund 1). Screendoor is a collaborative effort between a set of leading early stage VCs and large institutional Limited Partners. In addition to capital, Screendoor’s team will provide mentorship and community/events to help their supported firms succeed in their goals. Read more about our launch in Forbes


We define ‘success’ as the performance of the managers we’re backing and their ability to raise subsequent funds from the LP segments most appropriate for their size and strategy. Our belief is that by backing a broad group of new fund managers we can accelerate the changing demographics of both the investor landscape -AND- the founder community, as research shows diverse investors are more likely to fund diverse entrepreneurs who in turn are more likely to hire diverse employees.


To help power Screendoor we’re seeking an amazing, dynamic, analytical human being to join the team. At start this individual will be the sole full-time member of the Screendoor team so they need to be comfortable working independently but will have ongoing access and guidance from the broader Screendoor team and especially Screendoor’s Investment Committee and Chief Operating Officer.


As Head of Operations your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Creating the CRM infrastructure and processes to track applicant funds and ensure they have a respectful and productive experience
  • Screening, researching, analyzing and preparing Investment Memos on applicant funds
  • Building out the Screendoor Community platform, running virtual and IRL events and generally sewing Screendoor into the fabric of the venture ecosystem
  • Facilitating the mentorship relationships between Screendoor parties, including evaluating effectiveness, resources and other tools
  • Tracking performance of Screendoor managers and preparing reports for stakeholders
  • Being primary point of contact for Screendoor on a wide variety of internal and external opportunities and relationships


Applicable background for candidates likely include some combination of:

  • 3-7 years of work experience at a venture capital firm, an institutional investor/family office, a management consulting firm or other financial services  company
  • Comfort with financial analysis and statistics; process automation via software (whether your own code, low-code tools or working with contractors to customize internal tools)
  • Strong communication abilities and a desire to meet lots of new people


We are comfortable with a remote candidate located anywhere in the US, with preference given to individuals local to the Bay Area for at least the near future (if not forever). This is a full-time role with salary tied to the experience level of the candidate and basic medical benefits. We commit to your growth and mentorship, helping you achieve whatever long term goals you may have, but would hope you’re interested in holding this position for at least three years. 


Interested? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us via Join@screendoorpartners.com and please include


(i) resume in pdf format or link to online resume/CV


(ii) in the body of the email, brief answers to the two following questions

  • Why does Screendoor interest you?
  • What’s one professional accomplishment that’s relevant to this role and which you are particularly proud of