Oct 14, 2021

Finance Analyst Supervisor

  • OneTrust
  • Tucson, AZ, United States

✍🏾Job Description


Position Description

This position is in the Budget Division of the Pima County Finance & Risk Management Department.


Salary   $75,000.00 Annually

Salary Grade: 64 

This position is located in the Budget Division (Tax Services section) of the Finance and Risk Management Department. The successful candidate will supervise, conduct, and participate in special research studies related to tax and revenue, up to and including the development of reports with findings and recommendations. This position will also assist in budgeting, forecasting, reconciling governmental revenue, including property taxes, and preparing the tax levy for all taxing districts under Pima County governance. The successful candidate will manage all aspects of preparing, calculating, and issuing Pima County tax statements, including coordinating with all governmental jurisdictions within Pima County. We are looking to hire someone with a positive attitude who is also passionate about their work to join our Budget Division team.  

Proof of education will be required at time of interview. 

Please note: For new hires (and promoted employees hired) the applicant must have a full set of COVID-19 vaccines, by the effective date of hire. If you are unable to become fully vaccinated due to a medical disability or religious observance/practice, you must request an accommodation – accommodation forms are located on-line. 


(Work assignments may vary depending on the department's needs and will be communicated to the applicant or incumbent by the supervisor.)

  • Supervises and reviews budget, cash, collections and grant reporting analyses and projections prepared by staff to insure accuracy, completeness and appropriateness of recommendations;
  • Coordinates preparation of the operating and Capital Improvement Program budgets for all County departments;
  • Prepares, analyzes, reviews and reports cash flow projections and collection efforts;
  • Consults with and advises all County departments regarding cash flow projections;
  • Supervises, conducts, and participates in special short and long range, County wide financial related research studies and develops reports with findings and recommendation;
  • Consolidates revenue and expenditure projections for all County departments, analyzes and evaluates trends, identifies problems and recommends solutions;
  • Consults with and advises all County departments regarding policies and procedures for budget preparations and monitoring, collection and monitoring of accounts receivable and monitoring grant application preparation and submission;
  • Assist in the development of methods and procedures for budget and fiscal analysis and control;
  • Assists manager in the development and maintenance of policies and procedures for operating and CIP budgets, collections of accounts receivable; cash flow analysis and grant preparation and submissions;
  • Consolidates the recommended operating budget for review by the Board of Supervisors;
  • Assists in the preparation of the budget schedule and revision of the budget manual, forms, and presentation format;
  • Assists in the development of computer applications, screens, and reports for the Operating and CIP budgets, and tests systems for integrity and reliability of data;
  • Collects data for and prepares the tax levy for all taxing districts of Pima County;
  • Works with all County departments and outside consultants in the development of forecasting models and databases;
  • Monitors all grants to ensure compliance with grant provisions, County policies and procedures as well as local, state and federal regulations;
  • Performs collections efforts of all delinquent departmental accounts receivables;
  • Supervises, trains and evaluates staff.

Knowledge of:

  • mathematics, research design and methodology, and statistical analysis as they apply to budgetary control and financial management and research projects;
  • management analysis as it applies to organizational financial systems;
  • the preparation of analytical reports and studies;
  • research methods and report presentation techniques;
  • budget reporting systems and controls;
  • principles and practices of management as they apply to organizational structures and reporting relationships;
  • data collection, research, and audit practices, methods and techniques;
  • general governmental financial and budgetary principles and practices;
  • automated accounting systems, and word processing, spreadsheet and database applications;
  • the principles and practices of effective supervision;
  • the impact of relevant laws, statutes, and ordinances as they apply to financial, grant and budget processes;
  • local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations as they pertain to financial and budget management.

Skill in:

  • analyzing, interpreting and reporting research findings and making appropriate recommendations;
  • analyzing management and organizational systems for operational efficiencies.
  • researching, analyzing, interpreting and auditing financial and budgetary data and preparing reports on findings;
  • performing applicable statistical and mathematical analysis;
  • communicating effectively, both orally and in writing;
  • identifying budgetary problems and developing concise recommendations for revision and improvement;
  • using computer-based resources to facilitate assigned work;
  • planning, organizing and reviewing the work of others.

Minimum Qualifications

A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a major in public or business administration, finance, accounting, economics, or a related field and three years of professional level budget, auditing or accounting analysis, financial management research, or fiscal administration experience and two years of lead or supervisory experience.  (The two years of lead or supervisory experience may be concurrent with the aforementioned budget or financial experience.)
Qualifying education and experience must be clearly documented in the "Education" and "Work Experience" sections of the application.  Do not substitute a resume for your application or write "see resume" on your application.
Preferred Qualifications: (Be specific in describing your experience in your application. Ensure the descriptions provided illustrate your competencies, specifically addressing the required and preferred qualifications.): 

  1. Experience applying federal, state, or County laws/regulations and policies pertaining to government property taxation, other revenue sources, and government budgeting. 
  2. Experience in the configuration, maintenance and testing of financial software systems from a functional user perspective. 
  3. Experience developing methods and procedures for budget formulation, financial analyses, such as short and long-term revenue forecasting and other related fiscal research and studies. 
  4. Experience providing supervision, training, and quality control. 
  5. Effective written and oral communication experience with various levels of management and the public.